KYC Verification

KYC Yourself and Project in an easy way, safe and affordable Price
As an integrated blockchain solution service provider, we provide services/platforms for developers to carry out KYC processes.
With a simple interface, a fast, secure process and an affordable price, we hope to help developers to carry out the KYC process. This KYC process is also required if you want to register your project in our Normal Launchpad

How to Start The KYC Verification

For starters, you need to connect to the wallet that you want to use as a verified wallet, and also the address of the token you want to verify.
After you have those information, please kindly visit
Once you visit that url, you will see this page
DoKEN KYC Verification Page
After that, just fill the token address you want to proces, and new display will appear. We will use DoKEN Address here as an example
Once that page appear, you will first to whitelist the combination of your wallet address and token address for KYC Process. It requires you to pay 0.15 BNB. Once you ready, click that Whitelist Address for KYC Button to proceed.
Once you click the button and the process are complete, you will see a new display like this
Here, just click the "Start KYC Verification" buttton, and new popup will appear
DoKEN integrate its KYC Process with a world-class KYC Platform named BlockPass. Make Sure you install it on your Android or IOS Smartphone for the KYC Process Verification.
One BlockPass Email can be used only for 1 time KYC, so if you are planning to do another KYC Verification, you have to use another BlockPass Email Account
At this point, you only need to click "Start" and follow the wizard. And once the process are complete, you will be able to see this information on your side page
Approved Means that your KYC Process is completed and approved