Launchpad Fees In Detail

How does we take the fees for launchpad exactly ?
It will be easier for you to understand how it works with a case study, so lets make a simple example here.
Lets say, theres a token called Dummy Token going to create a presale with this configuration
Presale Rate
1 BNB = 1000
Listing Rate
1 BNB = 800
Liquidity Allocation for DEX
10 BNB
20 BNB
Unsold Tokens
So, the dev will required 34,400 Dummy Token for creating the presale
Supply for Sale
20,000 DummyToken
Supply for Liq
14,400 Dummy Token
Then, lets say the raised amount is 18 BNB, which is not filled the hardcap, but filled the softcap. So, when the project owner finalize the launchpad, this is what happened.
First, the contract will take 2% from the raised bnb as the finalization fees ( 0.36 BNB ) , which makes the raised amount left is 17.64 BNB
Then, the contract will recalculate the supply required for adding liquidity, based on the liquidity allocation for dex against the raised bnb left
BNB Used For Liquidity = 90%*17.64 ( LiquidityAlloc% * BNBAfterPayment ) = 15.876 BNB Tokens Used For Liquidity = 15.876*1/0.00125 ( BNBUsedForLiq * ListingRate ) = 12,700 DummyToken
When we see that numbers, we already knew that the deposited supply for Liquidity ( 14,400 ) is greater than the Tokens Used For Liquidity ( 12,700 ), so what we do with the difference amount of between that numbers ? Yes, we burn it, so we will burn 1700 DummyToken ( This is what we mean by we will burn any unused liquidity supply )
That is the first burn, then we will calculate, is there any unsold token from the sale supply ?
First we know that the presale is only raised 18BNB, which if we calculated based on the presale rate, it means that the sold tokens is 18BNB*1/0,001 = 18000, and yet we deposited 20,000 DummyToken for sale.
So we have 2,000 Unsold tokens, and then what we do with that supply ? yes, it depends on how the launchpad creator configure it. They can set it to wether burn or refund it back to the wallet, but on this case, it will be Refunded to the launchpad creator wallet.
And then, we sill have about 1.764 BNB left, that will be sent to Launchpad Creator wallet ( since they allocate 90% of raised fund for liquidity )
Thats it, thats how our launchpad calculate